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“Good marketing is a beautiful tapestry of irresistible storytelling”

We do things a little differently: marketing with us is a journey which begins with a pivotal inward exploration. What is your true essence and how do we best turn this into a compelling story for the world? Good marketing is convincing storytelling, whether online or in print, signage, radio, physical space, showroom, or branded wear – it communicates the right message to the desired audience.

Hop on board with us and experience the transformative Moonmoth marketing approach.

Moonmoth Digital Marketing


During our collaborative strategy sessions, we construct comprehensive 90-day marketing plans for your business.

In these sessions we map out and establish important events, promotions, specials, sales, products and services which we want to promote at specific times – for print, digital and any other promotional means.

With your brand’s true identity revealed in our iBrandDNA discovery workshop, we create solid marketing strategies with clear direction which hit the necessary targets, while building consumer awareness and loyalty.



Our social media management is targeted, dynamic and purposeful. We consolidate the message of your brand across all social media platforms, from setup to campaign implementation.

Combinations of paid-for advertising, search advertising, promoted posts, generic and organic social media can all be tailored to form part of the story you tell, mapped out in our 90-day strategy sessions.

Armed with the personas, language, tone, content types revealed in our unique iBrandDNA process, we create meaningful content and campaigns based on these findings.

Moonmoth Strategy, Consulting & Digital Audits


Interesting, informative, and user-friendly keyword-rich copy is the best thing you can do for your website.

Get found on the web by the people you need to discover you, with our search engine optimized copywriting service. Our expert copywriters will do a thorough keyword analysis and craft professional content for your website that can attract more targeted visitors and increase web traffic.

Whether your website is one page or fifty, our content writers are ready to spin your starter copy into web-optimised silk!

Your physical and digital presence ties together in an all-inclusive tapestry showing the viewer the quality and value of what you sell. Your online presence is not just a website, standing in isolation. To remain in the mix and competitive, your digital footprint should be broadened, better planned, better presented. We equip you with the insight, vision and direction to uncover your unique identity and find your niche in the digital sphere.

A digital footprint includes social platforms, maps listings & reviews, analytics, e-commerce & logistics, apps, interactivity, images, video and sound.

A strong online presence is a cohesive, well-conceived telling of the story – one voice, maximum effect. 

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