The Programme

The Key Elements

We kick-off with a look at the key elements of social media, how it works and their significance in the world, and for business.

 The Platforms

This section is a walk-through of all the most noteworthy social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

 Strategy for Business

Strategy, good and bad, is best described through case studies. We look at various examples across different industries with emphasis on what works and what doesn’t.

What makes good content? Organic & paid processes, measuring and reporting and more.

 The Nitty Gritty

We delve into the essentials of posts, tweets, hashtags, insights and more. You will learn terms, methods and how-to methods.

 Promotion & Advertising

A brief overview on promotional campaigns, Facebook and AdWords advertising, content, duration, monitoring and measuring.

Duration & Cost

The seminar is four hours with a halftime coffee break. R850 per person including tea/coffee and a canapé lunch.

The Presenter

Stoan Bartel of Moonmoth Interactive is a creative technologist who has been involved in the web and digital media for over 19 years, making, consulting, teaching and strategising business presence in the digital realm. Working from company websites as core platforms his integrated approach focusses on consolidating all digital platforms to align the offer, the message and the media.