Digital Marketing Mastery 

Boost Your Ecosystem

Upsize your marketing by mastering your Digital Ecosystem

Hands-on All Channel Marketing Mastery

I work directly with you on all aspects of your marketing and advertising, from configuring and managing your ecosystem  (website, social media, pay-per-click, copywriting, visual dress-up, content creation, graphics, video, and more). The in-depth knowledge you will gain will empower you or your team to effectively run marketing campaigns and manage your marketing platforms. We pick and prioritise the parts of your ecosystem that need work, and budget with you around that. 

Meet your digital business expert

Stoan Bartel is an experienced digital business specialist with over 25 years of working with a broad range of industries. He is a strong business development professional who is highly skilled in Digital Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Application Design, Start-ups, and Change Thinking. He is also the creator and facilitator of Integral BrandDNA and Integral BusinessDNA business growth processes.

  • Introductory Assessment Session

    We look at what you have in place, what works, what’s missing, what can be improved, where you want to be and how to get there.

  • Integral BrandDNA Workshop and Report

    We run a workshop implementing our powerful and eye-opening Integral BrandDNA methodology – it will surprise you with what you don’t know about your company mission. We find the true essence of what your company is about, which changes how your brand shows up. We then define language, tone, visual & emotional speech and the all important target consumers.

  • Ecosystem Audit - (all digital platforms)

    A review of your ecosystem provides a clear perspective of how well it is working technically, strategically and visually. With newfound knowledge from Integral BrandDNA we advance and amplify how your ecosystem works.

  • Ecosystem Setup

    We help you set up, configure and style your digital ecosystem. Create the platforms that are missing, upgrade the rest and advance your branded platforms.

  • Marketing Plan

    It’s time to get plans and goals together, which products or services are we pushing, at what frequency, what do want to achieve, how do we measure if it’s working?

  • Creating Copy and Content

    How to create mind capturing graphics and copy for organic social media and paid advertising. Refine the essence of what you want to  say without many words and cluttered visuals.

  • We get practical

    Analytics setup, configuration and integration

    Advertising session – how to do Facebook and Instagram advertising, audience creation, copywriting  and graphics styling

    Advertising session – how to do Google Advertising, keyword selection, ad setup, analytics linking, copy writing and graphics styling

    Shop setup for Facebook and Instagram – create your shop, stock it, link it and get it sales ready

    Google Shop Setup – Setting up Google Shopping so your products can be found in search, populating your Google Business Profile with products, offers, visuals and price points.   [Google  Merchant Centre]

  • Customer Journey Design

    We step you through the process of designing a customer journey through your sales process.

    We turn the traditional sales funnel on its head. How do leads enter? How long from awareness, to interest to decision. How is a relationship formed?

  • Implementation and Measuring

    Implementation – ongoing content creation, putting it all into practice, posting DOs and DON’TS,

    Measuring and Reporting – how well are we doing? Looking at analytics, activity and results. What has done well and what needs tweaking?

Our approach is different.

The most common feedback from our clients is that they greatly appreciate the uniquely personalised and caring approach we offer. It’s not just a job for us – it’s a passion. We work on the human behavioural elements and business systems alike – to ensure clients are doing everything skilfully while understanding the bigger picture.

What makes our process unique?

Our process is quiddiological – meaning it is guided by the understanding of that unique hidden element that makes something (a business) what it is and therefore placing it on its correct trajectory. Discovering the quiddiology of a business is essential to being able to accurately position it in the digital sphere.