About & Work Philosophy


Founded in 1999, Moonmoth Interactive saw the dot com bubble grow and survived the bang. We heard the promises of the SEO throngs and filtered the noise, translating the terminology and debugging the folklore. Most importantly, we’ve welcomed the development of new technologies through which we can offer better services, better user experiences and make information more accessible.

Moonmoth was started by Stoan Bartel as an Internet consultancy, web development and digital media agency with the aim of offering much more than just plain web development. With additional training in life-skills coaching the progression to technology coaching was a natural one.

More than anything else, Moonmoth is an ideas company. In every project we see the opportunity to offer creative, smart solutions that will differentiate our clients from their competitors. Our aim is to harness the power of new media to benefit not only our clients but also the consumer who interacts with the website or uses the app.


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